[Centos] CentOS-2 and 3ware 9000

Mon Sep 27 23:58:01 UTC 2004
John Newbigin <jn at it.swin.edu.au>

If you want to make a driver disk, then the first thing you need to do 
is build the module to work with the kernel-boot config.  First, you 
will need to install kernel-source-2.4.9-e.40.i386.rpm which matches the 
kernel used during install.  You then make a personal copy of the 
/usr/src/linux-2.4.9-e.40 tree and copy the 
configs/kernel-2.4.9-i386-BOOT.config to .config, run make oldconfig, 
make dep, make bzImage, make modules etc.

Then do whatever you need to do to build your 3rd party module.  Once 
you have the module, you need to create a pcitable and modinfo file.  I 
don't know the exact format of these files so the best thing to do is 
obtain a real driver disk and look at that.

Then you need to create a cpio archive of your 
2.4.9-e.40BOOT/mymodule.o.  You can add other kernel versions of you 
want.  Gzip the archive and call it modules.cgz

Then copy the files to a fat formatted floppy disk and you should be done.

If you don't want to go to all that bother, you can probably switch over 
the the bash prompt and mount a floppy and load a module directly.  If 
you have a real module for RHEL2.1 you can probably force load that 
module and it might work.

You also need to be aware than when you boot into your new install, it 
will be running a different kernel than the installer and need a 
different module.


Scott Lewis wrote:

> Has anyone  compiled a viable driver for a 3ware 9000 Escalade 
> controller on CentOS-2 from source?
> Appreciate tips on getting this to work.
> Ive already dealt with the following pitfalls:
> kernel .config: setting "INCLUDE_MODVERSIONS=y"(for all versions)
> 3w-9xxx.c: adding "#include <linux/init.h>"
> 3w-9xxx.h: deleting the highmem.io line
> Attemping to use the "Build-3w-driver.pl" script from 3ware and then 
> copying contents of /home/build/disk to a floppy does not create a 
> recognized driver disk for the CentOS-2 installer(in expert mode).
> thx,
> Scott
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