[CentOS] Where is gnumeric in CentOS 4

Fri Apr 1 01:44:40 UTC 2005
Collins Richey <crichey at gmail.com>

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 17:55:53 -0600, Johnny Hughes
<mailing-lists at hughesjr.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 15:35 -0800, Joe Harb wrote:
> > Even the RHEL4 release notes claim gnumeric in now included.  Has
> > anyone checked to see if it is there?
> >
> gnumeric was removed by RedHat in RHEL4 (although it was in RHEL4-
> Beta2) ... it is therefore removed in CentOS-4.

<dripping with sarcasm>
RedHat is really responsive (tm) to user needs!

I don't use gnumeric, otherwise I sould be really torqued.

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