[Centos] email server partition scheme

Fri Apr 1 17:26:45 UTC 2005
Dan Pritts <danno at internet2.edu>

On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 03:52:37PM -0600, scott.list wrote:
> Another thing to consider it throughput.  High IO servers like postfix
> will benefit from splitting up the partitions on multiple drives.
> That way your IO can be split between drives, lowering IO on the
> individual drives.  A postfix guru gave me a recommended layout once
> for a high usage postfix serve, but I don't have it handy.. sorry.

the most obvious thing is to put /var/spool/postfix (or /var/spool/mqueue
in a sendmail installation) on its own disk.

inside that directory on postfix, you might further split up 
  defer & deferred

I don't know whether mounting with noatime would be a good idea, postfix
might depend on the date stamps, but it would help performance if postfix
doesn't need it.  if you're using reiserfs, mounting with notail would
definitely help performance.

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