[CentOS] Centos 4 & Cisco 350 MiniPCI Wireless

Sat Apr 2 06:15:55 UTC 2005
Barry L. Kline <blkline at attglobal.net>

I have an IBM Thinkpad with this beastie in it.  The card was 
immediately recognized and uses the airo driver.  No matter what I do, I 
can't get it to successfully connect to my WAP.  Sometimes it sees the 
access point (as evidenced by an iwlist wifi0 scan seeing the network) 
and sometimes I can actually get it to connect ( as evidenced by the 
iwlist command showing the WAP ID). Eventually the connection between 
the card and the AP simply dies.  I'm not new to wireless and have had 
no problems manually configuring other wireless cards to work properly, 
so I have gone through most of the gyrations.  Right now I've fallen 
back to an Orinoco silver.

Google doesn't seem to be helpful in this endeavor (lots of hits but 
most having to do with the 2.4 kernel series) so my question is 
relatively simple:  Before I waste an inordinate amonut of time trying 
to make this thing work I would like to know if anyone else has had 
success here?  If so, could you tell me the firmware version of your 
card?  Even if you can't I'd be delighted to hear that the fact that the 
kernel manages to turn on my wireless light isn't the kernel's way of 
teasing me.

Thanks very much!