[CentOS] NFS over ssh problems

Sun Apr 3 15:58:03 UTC 2005
Harald Finnås <spamcatcher at lantrix.no>

I've got a setup where I run nfs over ssh on several distros, and it's 
been working like a charm on suse, mandrake, redhat 7-9 etc, but I've been 
unable to get it to work on CentOS.

First I set up ssh portforwarding using:

/usr/bin/ssh root@<remotehost> -L 250:irc.dynip.no:2049 -f sleep 60d &

Then I mount using the following params in fstab:

localhost:/somedir      /somedir    nfs 
rw,tcp,hard,intr,port=250,mountport=251 0 0

I can telnet to port 250/251 and it answers like expected. I can also see 
the packets travelling through the tunnel using tcpdump.

However, if I try to mount the dir (mount -a), I get this error:

mount to NFS server 'localhost' failed: server is down.

Sniffing on port 22 when running the mount command, nothing happens. It 
kinda seems like it ignores the port/mountport options.

Any ideas?

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