[CentOS] yam at ftp.linux.ncsu.edu

Wed Apr 6 18:08:35 UTC 2005
Chris Hammond <chris at tac.esi.net>

I had yam working with ncsu.edu until the things changed when centos 
seperated the two projects.
Now I can't get it to work.  This is what I am trying to use but it says 
"nothing to do".

updates = rsync://ftp.linux.ncsu.edu/centos/$release/$repo/$arch/RPMS/

This with gatech on the other hand works but they have a 20 connection 
limit so I would like to
get ncsu.esu working again.  What is wrong with my link for nscu.edu?

updates = rsync://ftp.gtlib.gatech.edu/centos/$release/$repo/$arch/RPMS/