[CentOS] OpenGroupware.org Tests

Fri Apr 8 01:37:08 UTC 2005
Pedro Silva <pedrofsilva at netcabo.pt>

After the initial question on this list about OGO and CentOS 4, here's 
what I've done.

I installed CentOS 4 on a qemu image and setup a yum repo pointing to 
download.opengroupware.org/packages/fedora-core3/releases/ . I did this 
based on the assumption that FC3 packages work on RHEL4/CentOS4.

yum install ogoall

With this command, OGO user and database was created (Postgresql was 
detected and used), database structure was uploaded to pgsql.

So far so good, http://localhost/OpenGroupware  returns a 404.

service httpd restart

Same url, Apache Server Internal Error.

Ok, what's wrong?

system-config-services, the ogoall installation creates 4 new services, 
enables them as default but DOESN'T start them.

Upon starting those 4 services, http://localhost/OpenGroupware worked 
sucessfully, straight to OGO Administration.

I really didn't test it much, but, just by browsing some links on it, 
OGO seems to be working.

Best regards,