[CentOS] Firefox problems

Tue Apr 12 14:35:16 UTC 2005
James B. Byrne <ByrneJB at Harte-Lyne.ca>

Since upgrading to FireFox 1.0.2 I have noticed a large number of 
problems connecting to web sites that are reached without 
difficulty using MS-IE 6.  The symptom is a message box that 
declares that the "The Document Contains No Data" which, ironically 
enough, is the very error I get when trying to reach 
cument_contains_no_data&e=10167 using Firefox.  I ended up getting 
it in MS-IE.

Is it just me or did the last release of Firefox significantly 
degrade its reliability.  When I close Firefox with multiple tabs I 
now nearly always get an error that attempts to mail itself off to 
Mozilla.  After several dozen of these I just close them now.  I 
have removed and re-installed Firefox several times without relief. 
 I have these same problems on at least two different machines that 
I use, one running Win2Kpro and the other Win XPpro.

I am not looking for a fix here, but I was wondering if anyone had 
further information on the subject that they are willing to share. 


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