[CentOS] CentOS4 upgradeany hangs while loading sata_via

Sun Apr 17 02:34:07 UTC 2005
Norbert Kiesel <nkiesel at tbdnetworks.com>


I have a machine running under CentOS 3.4 which I want to upgrade to
CentOS 4.  I booted using the CentOS 4 CD1 using "linux upgradeany".

Problem is that loading sata_via never terminates.  Ismod shows the
sata_via module in state "Loading" while all others are in state "Live".
The dmesg output shows that the module gets loaded, sees two disks, then
prints info about the first one and is stuck there.  I can of course
provide the exact output if needed, but I would have to write it down by
hand as the machine has no floppy and I can't write to the hard disk :-(

Any ideas?  I fear that if I just upgrade through yum, the machine won't
boot afterwards.  As this is one of our production DB machines, I'd
rather not do that.

Would compiling a kernel on my own with a newer version of sata_via and
using that module be something worth trying?


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