[CentOS] MIrrored drives won't boot after installation

Sun Apr 17 14:27:11 UTC 2005
Chris Mason (Lists) <lists at masonc.com>

I have a p4 motherboard with 2 ide interfaces, I connect 2 40 GB drives as
hda and hdc, I install Centos 4 from a CDROM, and partition the drives as 2
x raid partition each plus a swap partition on hda, the make md0 and md1 to
install /boot and / respectively. Install goes well, everything looks great,
go to reboot from drives, and all I get is "grub" but no boot. I have tried
this ten times, doesn't seem I can get around it.

I have to configure this server so that the drives are mirrored. I have
installed redhat 9 in this configuration without problems.


What am I doing wrong?


Chris Mason



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