[CentOS] Rid me of this boot GUI

Tue Apr 19 22:27:11 UTC 2005
John Hinton <webmaster at ew3d.com>

One of these days, RedHat might actually run me off!!!! AAAARGH!!!!

Can anyone tell me how to get CentOS 4 to simply boot to the console in 
text mode? If I wanted a stinkin' GUI I would have installed winders! 
Now, my KVM and 25 foot cord is just too long to send a GUI signal 
across the room and I'm missing 50% of the screen.. striped vertically.. 
at about 1/8th inch spacing. Not really good enough to see what I'm in 
nor what the crap I'm doing. I do see I guess an Xterm window.. so I 
guess I can issue commands.. or... maybe I'll have to drag over a derned 
monitor. Shew!!

John Hinton