[CentOS] Max FIFO buffer size - Log Reporting

Mon Apr 25 22:52:12 UTC 2005
Lee W <centos-list at unassemble.co.uk>

Hi Everyone,

I need to be able to create a summary report of all relevent syslog 
entries that is then emailed weekly.

The idea I have for this is to pipe the syslog entries (logged from many 
hosts UNIX-Like and Windows) out to a a named pipe (say 
/var/log/logpipe) that is then read periodically by a perl script 
started from cron.

The perl script then filters the log entries (probably using regular 
expressions) and takes the appopriate action based on the severity of 
the error (i.e. log to summary file, or immediately email admin).

My main concern is that if a lot of entries get logged the FIFO buffer 
may overload therefore loosing entries.

Does anyone know what the size of the FIFO buffer is (or how it can be 
configured) or maybe there is a better way to do something like what I'm 



Lee W