[CentOS] system management - what do you use to manage your CentOS systems?

Fri Apr 1 19:42:07 UTC 2005
Avtar Gill <avtargill at gmail.com>

Enoch West wrote:

> I wanted to get some feedback to see what other people here use to
> manage their CentOS systems, apply updates, roll out new software
> packages, update unique config files etc.

I've tried Cfengine and I'm currently evaluating Radmind.

It allows you to do everything you just mentioned and monitor filesystem 
changes as well, like tripwire.  Their documentation and mailing lists 
seem to focus a lot on Mac OS X but it'll work on any UNIX or UNIX-like 

Here's one command line tutorial..

This paper might offer better insight..

Here is my first post to their mailing list from a couple days ago 
inquiring about using Radmind on RPM based Linux distributions.  Check 
out the thread, there seem to be a few people using it on Fedora and RHEL.

Hope this helps.