[CentOS] postfix tightening

Fri Apr 1 21:39:14 UTC 2005
Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com>

Craig White wrote:

>wow - that's a pretty impressive list - curiously, no
>smtpd_helo_restrictions but I am gathering that you figure that the
>smtpd restrictions would cover that.
>Is the above suitable for an office mail server or is this for one
>person who is less concerned about fringe stuff that may get rejected?

That IS our corporate server config and nobody has bitched (knock on 
wood) to date about real mail getting dropped on the floor.

There are also some wonderful FAQs on the postfix.org website if you 
have any questions about what any of the above directives does.

I ignore the helo restrictions since, as you note, the 
smptd_restrictions handles the heavy lifting.

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