[CentOS] system management - what do you use to manage your CentOS systems?

Sat Apr 2 20:41:51 UTC 2005
Lee W <centos-list at unassemble.co.uk>

Chris Weisiger wrote:

> Les Mikesell wrote:
>> On Fri, 2005-04-01 at 12:57, Enoch West wrote:
>>> I wanted to get some feedback to see what other people here use to
>>> manage their CentOS systems, apply updates, roll out new software
>>> packages, update unique config files etc.

Funny this topic came up now.  I recently been demoing Red Hat Desktop 
and RHN.

After a bit of playing around with RHN and looking at the code the the 
rhn_check client I've found it to be a bit of a mess (IMHO). There are 
many lines of TODO and I have even (just today) filed a bug as the more 
recent clients don't even seem to work with the "Remove Package" feature 
of RHN. 

I cannot really see any great encouragement from buying a RHN 
subscription if this is the way the client/server has been coded. If 
both sides of the configuration we completely open-source I wouldn't 
have a problem with it as I know the changes / bug fixes even one files 
would be available to all, but as long as Redhat keeps control of RHN I 
don't think I will be paying for the subscription.

Back to the point has anyone found / thought of implementing a kind of 
Enterprise level YUM with the same sort of manageability of RHN.  I 
looked at it myself but felt it would involve too much of a rewrite to 
the YUM clients to do.

Does YUM even support any kind of authentication HTTP or FTP?

I believe a companion Management Server type solution would be a great 
sister project to go along with Centos.  At least that's my opinion

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