[CentOS] Re: postfix tightening

Sun Apr 3 01:32:33 UTC 2005
karl at streetlampsoftware.com <karl at streetlampsoftware.com>

>Tom Ivar Helbekkmo writes:
>"Mark A. Lewis" <mark at siliconjunkie.net> writes:
>> Lets say that Acme Widget has their mail hosted with Hostco. Acme Widget
>> would rather not have mail.hostco.com in the mail headers for whatever
>> reason. So, hostco doesn't setup a ptr record for it. This does not make
>> Acme Widget or Hostco any more likely to be spammers, it just makes you
>> more likely to drop their mail.
>Actually, the problem you're describing is routinely solved at any
>decent ISP *without* breaking any rules.  If the above were a genuine
>scenario, I would conclude that Hostco is run by nincompoops.  ;-)

For the posterity of the list, and the wonderful information that's been
provided so far for all of the newbie nincompoops out in CentOS list
lurker-land ... Let's say that I'm a nincompoop newbie sysadmin from
HostCo that would like to avoid breaking any rules. (In reality, I'm a
PHB, and I let my sysadmin worry about the rule-breaking.) How would I go
about providing a good, solid *matching* ptr (as in, mail from
AcmeWidget.com reflects to mail.AcmeWidget.com at x.x.x.219 ... which also
happens to be mail.hostco.com) for the bazillion and one virtual-hosted
email accounts on mail.hostco.com?

-Karl Katzke