[CentOS] Milestone

Tue Apr 5 13:31:47 UTC 2005
Andrew Cotter <andrew.cotter at somersetcapital.com>

Do you have access to a FTP server?  If so there is a nice project out
there, G4U, that does a good job of imaging systems.

Boot from the G4U floppy or CD and pass a command or two......



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Well I now have a 4.0 server at a solid checkpoint.  Before I start the
chore of setting up SAMBA and LDAP.

Part of the delay was I did not copy all of the needed DNS files, and I
have to reerad the BIND book.

So I want to be able to get to this point again easily.

I did not note down what options I had selected during install.  Is there
some way in the install log to figure that out?

Is there some way to do an image backup?  I only have a Win2000 server
available for the backup, no NFS on another system.

Appreciate any and all help.

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