[CentOS] Message Board Recommendations...

Wed Apr 6 02:34:09 UTC 2005
Michael J. Semaniuk <mike at semaniuk.com>

You could check out Yet Another Bulletin Board at http://www.yabbforum.com.
What features are you looking for?  What's 'feature rich' to me may not be
'feature rich' to you.  I run a couple of YaBB sites, and my only real
complaint with it is that it is all based on flat files.  However, I believe
there are some mods for it that will allow it to speak to a SQL backend.
Either way, it gets the job done for me without any problems.

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I've been trying several message board software (PHPBB, etc) and haven't
found one that's as feature rich as I'd like.  I used to run Ikonboard
but have had some issues with that.  Does anyone have a great
recommendation for an awesome message board with loads of features and
is open-source (free)?