[CentOS] Error on compiling kernel :: CentOS 4

Wed Apr 6 08:56:12 UTC 2005
Mário Gamito <lists at tuxdoit.com>

Hi Paul,

Paul wrote:
> Rebuilding the whole kernel is kinda extreme
Indeed, but i've installed CentOS 4 to be a fileserver to a network 
where there are many Macs, and the kernel didn't have support for 
Appletalk compiled.

So, no choice.

Anyway, i've managed allright with

# make menuconfig
# make clean
# make rpm
# rpm -ivh
# *had* to edit grub.conf
# and finally, not mentioned here before in any post (as far as i can 
remember), make the respective initrd for the new kernel in /boot

Everything's allright now.
Thanks to everyone who contributed with their sugestions, helping me and 
others in the future that may come across the same issue.

Warm Regards,
Mário Gamnito