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Wed Apr 6 17:32:27 UTC 2005
Matt Hyclak <hyclak at math.ohiou.edu>

On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 10:11:55AM -0700, centos.org_list at 000a.com enlightened us:
> know how if you do an improper shutdown and then boot up, the server 
> prompts you to run a file system check if you press "Y" within 5 seconds? 
> Well, this is great but sometimes not practical in remote access situations 
> when we call our datacenter to say reboot a hang server and they have no 
> monitor or keyboard hooked up to the system.  Is there a way to have the 
> system forced to automatically fo the filesystem check every time it boots 
> up, if there's a need for it, ie: WITHOUT hitting "Y"?
> I couldn't find the answer to this one in docs or FAQs.  If I missed it, a 
> simple pointer to the source would be of great help.

From rc.sysinit on my RHEL3 box, it looks like you can create
/etc/sysconfig/autofsck. There is an AUTOFSCK_DEF_CHECK that can be set to
yes to force the check and PROMPT can be set to no to skip the prompt.

All of this only happens when /.autofsck exists on the filesystem.
/etc/init.d/halt removes this file when shut down properly.


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