[CentOS] OpenGroupware.Org

Thu Apr 7 01:19:41 UTC 2005
Michael Boman <michael.boman at gmail.com>

On Apr 7, 2005 1:31 AM, Pedro Silva <pedrofsilva at netcabo.pt> wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm thinking on installing OGO on CentOS 4. I've been to
> download.opengroupware.org but I didn't find any CentOS/RHEL 4 specific
> rpm packages. I'm wondering, since RHEL4/CentOS4 is based on Fedora Core
> 3, can I use these packages safely? Has anyone ever tried installing OGO
> on CentOS 4? Has anyone ever used ogoall-...rpm ?

If they have a .src.rpm for you, you can just rebuild that:

rpmbuild --rebuild ogoall-...src.rpm

Personally I haven't played with Open Groupware much from a
install/configure point-of-view, although some of the sites I keep
logging in to use it.

Best regards
 Michael Boman