[CentOS] Media check problems

Fri Apr 8 21:32:12 UTC 2005
Peter Farrow <peter at farrows.org>

You will probably find that your CD ROM drive is not very good at 
reading CDRs,

When you install depending on the options you select, not all the CD 
will be read as not all the CDs contents will be required.  The media 
check is much more stringent in that it reads every sector, if your CD 
ROM drive, the CD media or the writer used to create them is in any way 
not up to scratch the media check may fail.

To verify this grab an ISO from another mirror and burn it, if it still 
fails change your hardware..  I often use Sunsite in the UK for 
downloads as its in the UK, I've not had any problems yet, alternative 
again would be to use Azureus and download the DVD iso from the torrent 
and burn that,  certainly I have never had that fail... but if the 
install works anyway, I wouldn't worry too much



Kenneth Kalmer wrote:

>Dear community
>I've just noticed that the CentOS 4.0 ISO's I downloaded from
>ftp.sunsite.org.uk fails the media check on installation. All four
>fail. The md5 checks pass and I've done 5 full installations from the
>set of failed cd's and no problems what so ever. I never bothered to
>do the media check untill a friend asked me what it does...
>The installation works, wonder what the problem could be? Any
>suggestions or should I provide more information to help fix this if
>it might be a bug?