[CentOS] MailScanner With One vs Two Postfix Instances

Sun Apr 10 17:31:04 UTC 2005
Franki <franki at htmlfixit.com>

Chris Mauritz wrote:
> Franki wrote:
>> I'd love to use pre compiled Postfix, but unfortunately I use it with 
>> Mysql/Courier-IMAP/SASL
>> and I've yet to see a Postfix rpm that can handle that. I also use 
>> Amavis-new/spamassassin/Clamd for a nice fast virus/spam solution.
>> The closest I've ever gotten to an out of the box install of all that 
>> was using Mandrake believe it or not. They had contrib rpms for 
>> everything needed for clamd/amavis-new/spamassassin but still fell 
>> short on the mysql/courier/sasl side. (that that that wasn't expected) 
>> my current mail server is a Debian Woody box with lots of updated 
>> packages and a self compiled Postfix.
> I'm a bit curious what benefit you achieve from adding the complexity of 
> mysql into the mix.  Does it improve performance?  Is there some feature 
> that you need that is only available if you hook in a database back-end?
> Also, how many users does this server provide mail service for?
> Best regards,
> Chris

The main reason was that I wanted all virtual users, no user accounts on 
the mail server, it hosts many virtual domains and I starting having 
username/domain conflicts on the old server. (and people were getting 
annoyed at the really long gibberish passwords I was giving them) With 
virtual users, they only thing having a shitty password can cost us is 
the users mail (and they've been warned about that possibility) There is 
also a plugin for virtual domains and squrillel mail so they can 
send/recieve as their own user/domain.

The second reason was that they always want to add/remove/redirect user 
accounts all over the place and by using Postfix Admin (a php 
application for manipulating the Postfix/mysql db) I can do in seconds 
what used to take me ages. Seriously this has made me so much more 
efficient. By the time a client has finished telling me what they want 
over the phone, I've done it.

The server only handles about 20,000 or so messages a day at present, 
but growing regularly, it has been a god send from an admin  perspective 
(and security if you consider they are all virtual users only).
I'm now looking at powerDNS so I can do the same for the replacement of 
my Bind server. Then maybe the db backend mods for apache/virtual users..

Anything that makes the task of adding/removing/editing users faster has 
to be a good thing right?  The admin side of the mail server is not 
accessable to the Internet, only via my laptops IP on the Internal 
network. I've not noticed any slowdown on the mail server, but this one 
has allot more horsepower then the old one so that was kinda expected.