[CentOS] MailScanner With One vs Two Postfix Instances

Mon Apr 11 17:33:00 UTC 2005
Franki <franki at htmlfixit.com>

Ajay Sharma wrote:
> Franki wrote:
>>I'd love to use pre compiled Postfix, but unfortunately I use it with
>> Mysql/Courier-IMAP/SASL and I've yet to see a Postfix rpm that can
>>handle that.
> Have you seen Simon Mudd's packages?  I take the .src.rpm file, modify a
> few settings and rebuild it with all the Postfix goodies that make my
> mail server work (MySQL, SASL, etc...)
> http://postfix.wl0.org/en/

I have now.. but I just went though the whole woody install and I have 
no desire to change that for about another year.
It works, it has been flawless and I'm happy with it for now.. but the 
next version will be CentOS based I think, I'd like to standardize on 
distro's across the board.. the DNS is the next server to get an upgrade 
to CentOS.