[CentOS] Manual Paritioning with fdisk

Mon Apr 11 21:41:15 UTC 2005
Bards <bards1888 at gmail.com>

Gerald Waugh wrote:

>How can I use fdisk to partition when installing CentOS4
>instead of using 'auto' or disk-druid
>I want to make RAID 'fd' type partitions for hda and hdc
>I tried every ctrl-alt Fx and can't get to a shell
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To answer your question,

you can use fdisk on a VT (ctrl-alt-F1 -> ctrl-alt-F6) during the 
install, thats what I do all the time with centos and FC3.

In anaconda, you may have to hit the 'back' button if you have already 
gone to the disk partitioning screen, this ensures that anaconda 
re-reads the partition table etc.