[CentOS] Kickstart

Tue Apr 12 14:51:47 UTC 2005
Mickael Maddison <mike at kamloopsbc.com>

Hello Gerald,

I've thought about that approach, but found it easier to use the stock
CD1 and simply put the rest of the CD's on an http server within the
network.  Basically, the CDROM is only a boot disk.  The command to
get the kickstart file is linux ks=

Best regards,
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005, 5:49:55 AM, you wrote:

GW> Does someone have an example mkisofs command with arguments to create
GW> a CD from the files on the CentOS CD?

GW> Since we are building servers, all the data is on CentOS4 CD1. I plan to
GW> modify it to include a kickstart file and remove some of the things on
GW> there that I don't need.

GW> I use something like this on the Cobalt Networks servers, need mods to
GW> work on CentOS. (following on one line)

GW> mkisofs -P Name -b boot/elterito.img -c boot/boot.catalog -R -I -L -o
GW> path-to-iso/name.iso .

GW> Now I am sure the boot references need to change.

GW> TIA for help ;)
GW> Gerald

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