[CentOS] Kickstart

Tue Apr 12 16:04:19 UTC 2005
Aleksandar Milivojevic <amilivojevic at pbl.ca>

Mickael Maddison wrote:
> Hello Gerald,
> I've thought about that approach, but found it easier to use the stock
> CD1 and simply put the rest of the CD's on an http server within the
> network.  Basically, the CDROM is only a boot disk.  The command to
> get the kickstart file is linux ks=

What I usually do is place ks.cfg on a floppy or USB stick and then do 
"linux ks=floppy".  That way I can use standard installation  CD, and 
Anaconda does not prompt me for network parameters (they are part of 
ks.cfg).  Another solution would be to completely boot from the network.

BTW, it would be nice feature if distribution contained separate rescue 
and boot CD images in iso directory.  Like those in Fedora Core 3.  That 
way folks that install directly from mirrors would need to download only 
~80 meg (rescue CD) if they want to be able to boot into rescue mode 
when something goes wrong, instead of having to download ~650 megs (the 
first CD).  Boot CD is already present for those that know where to find 
it (in unpacked files under "os" tree), but something tells me you can't 
boot into rescue mode with it.

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