[CentOS] Kickstart

Thu Apr 14 03:34:02 UTC 2005
Gerald Waugh <gwaugh at frontstreetnetworks.com>

On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 11:38 -0500, Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:
> When booting form USB sticks, I was simply using "linux 
> ks=hd:sdN:/ks.cfg" or something similar (with N being whatever was 
> assigned by kernel to the stick, usually "0" if there were no SCSI/SATA 
> devices in the system)...  I believe that Anaconda is supposed to load 
> USB device drivers before attempting to access kickstart file.  You 
> might check this link for various options on telling Anaconda where the 
> kickstart file is:

Thanks for your help (Patience) 
Well, it is weird, the server boots up off the usb cdrom but somehow
just before anaconda loads the drive is disconnected. Now there is a
little delay at "anaconda loading" if I pull the usb cdrom plug and
reinsert it during that interval anaconda loads a usb driver and my
ks.cfg runs. 

The same thing happens in a text install when I select "Load from cdrom"
it ask for a driver, I select usb-storage, and it can't find the usb
cdrom, again if I pull the plug and reinsert it, it will find it. Maybe
the usb cdrom I am using (TDK).

I still have that issue with the RAID1 (md0) not booting though. I read
your article about that issue, tried it but could not get it to work,
and you recommended using lilo, but there is no option to use lilo in
the install.