[CentOS] How to properly install W*nd*ws XP along with CentOS?

Thu Apr 14 09:55:25 UTC 2005
darshan jadav <root.devil at gmail.com>

> -Which OS can best be installed first, CentOS or XP?

XP u need to install first, boot with Xp, create the need partion,
format NTFS, install, cause win XP boot loader over writes yr GRUB
boot loader, save the trouble, finsh MS first

> -Are there special actions required to enable proper dual booting?

Make sure u install GRUB on MBR, so it will overwrite XP bootloader
and will give u choice which OS to boot.

> -Which boot manager can be used best CentOS' one or XP's one?

CentOS - GRUb

> -Can CentOS read (and perhaps also write?) from the NTFS partitions?

Yes but u need NTFS support, get the RPM from
http://linux-ntfs.sourceforge.net/rpm/index.html and u have rw access

> -Hypothetically: would installing VMWare and installing XP in that give
> me pretty much 100% XP compatibility for at the very least the various
> web browsers such as IE, and also for XP Office?

Yes u can move in with VMWARE also, same stuff like a OS installed in
sep partions, but vmware costs $$, if u dont mind shelling out, vmware
is cool, otherwise dual-boot rocks.

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