[CentOS] Strangest thing (crond every 5 min.)

Thu Apr 14 15:14:23 UTC 2005
Marcelo Renan Becher <marcelod2 at gmail.com>

I`ve found other thing that is doing that /var/log/messages is staying 

I installed the sysstats module in webmin, and this runs each minute...
Each time sysstats runs, a new event appears in /var/log/messages..

Can I disable this?

I was using this module in Conectiva Linux, and this don't happens..


Johnny Hughes escreveu:
> On Thu, April 14, 2005 8:11 am, Marcelo Renan Becher said:
>>Look at /etc/cron.d !!
>>I think it can help you!
> Right ... probably mrtg or something else is /etc/cron.d/ running every
> five minutes.
> BUT, the real problem is that the message should probably go somewhere
> else ... or not be logged at all.
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Marcelo Renan Becher