[CentOS] How to properly install W*nd*ws XP along with CentOS? - (A)MSN Messenger?

Fri Apr 15 08:52:50 UTC 2005
Olaf Greve <o.greve at axis.nl>

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for the excellent suggestions!

As soon as the machine is in, I think I'll go for additional HD space 
and make sure to install Windows on a FAT32 partition rather than an 
NTFS one (good suggestion regarding the FAT32 one, it slipped my mind 
that FAT32 can be written (and read) by Linux as well, without any issues).

Then a further question: for some of our communication we use MSN 
Messenger. When looking on the Internet with Google, I came across AMSN 
(a SourceForge "freeware version of MSN"). Does anyone have any 
experiences with this Messenger? Does it work (equally) well as the more 
recent MSN versions and can it work successfully for chatting with 
people using MSN, or is it just the so-manyth Messenger that uses their 
own channels? Also, if this isn't the most ideal Messenger to use for 
communicating with people using MSN Messenger, can someone suggest me a 
better solution?