[CentOS] Serial ATA hardware raid.

Fri Apr 15 20:30:57 UTC 2005
Harald Finnås <spamcatcher at lantrix.no>

centos-bounces at centos.org wrote on 15.04.2005 21:45:21:

> Unless the model says "X" (for XScale), you don't want it.
> Pre-XScale (StrongARM lineage) microcontroller+DRAM designs are 
> Intel i960 (including IOP30x series) can't push much beyond 60-70MBps.
> While that was sufficient for yester-year's drives in RAID-3/4/5, it
> is not today.
> And blocking/buffered is never ideal for ATA.

The one I was referring to wasn't an "X" model. :) I've got it installed 
on a box that doesn't have alot of disk activity, so that's probably why I 
have'nt noticed. :) I bought it just for fault tolerance, and I don't care 
much about software raids.

So, if the original poster, like me, wants fault tolerance at a nice price 
rather than performance, I can recommend this: MegaRAID SATA 150-4 (or -6 
for 6 ports). 

Dunno about prices in Australia tho'. :)

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