[CentOS] Serial ATA hardware raid.

Fri Apr 15 20:57:27 UTC 2005
Franki <franki at htmlfixit.com>

Jonathan wrote:
> Franki:
> Can't speak for all of them, but the IDE 160s I bought failed me pretty 
> hard (2 of 6 failed within a year).  The 250s Sata 8ms I bought for a 
> NAS application have been rock solid.
> Seems inconsistent, but in general the WD Sata drives I have are pretty 
> solid.
> Jonathan

I don't understand, aren't they more or less the same drive with a 
different PCB on the back?
I'm just remembering all the problems I had several years back when I 
was running RH4-6.2 on WD drives.

I would imagine that with striping, the 8MB 7200 drives would be good 
enough, and besides, it's not like I can't upgrade later.
The 10,000rpm drives have me alittle worried about heat and longevity 

Thanks for all your help guys, I'm amazed at the wealth of knowledge on 
this list.