[CentOS] inotify on rhel systems?

Sun Apr 17 15:39:08 UTC 2005
Collins Richey <crichey at gmail.com>

On 4/17/05, Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-04-17 at 08:02 -0600, Collins Richey wrote:
> > I just read an interesting article caleed "Monitor Linux file system
> > events with inotify.", see
> > http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-inotify.html?ca=dgr-lnxw02Inotify.
> >
> Why dont you setup these patches on the CentOS 4 kernel and let us know
> how you get along ? That link, you provided, seems to have all the info
> required to make it happen.

Good suggestion. When I get a round tuit <grin>. I was just fishing to
see if anyone else had tried this.

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