[CentOS] Proper driver for bridged SiS 741GX chip set....

Mon Apr 18 12:32:42 UTC 2005
Olaf Greve <o.greve at axis.nl>


I've just installed CentOS on my new machine and I'm wondering about a 
thing: the refresh rate is set rather low (it looks like 50Hz), whereas 
the monitor can at least support 75Hz in 1152x864 resolution (which is 
the resolution I set the monitor at).

Now... for some reason CentOS decided to use the generic VESA video 
driver, so perhaps this is the issue, and perhaps a better (i.e. more 
specific) video driver would give me the additional refresh rates, but 
then, from Gnome's -> System Settings -> Display menu, I do not see any 
choices for the refresh rate at all. It does, however, make change to 

The motherboard is an ASRock K7S41GX, and it seems the video adapter 
that is used is a bridged (North Bridge?) SiS 741GX  one.
Unfortunately the CD-ROM that came with the machine only has W*nd*ws 
drivers for this chip set. :(

Does anyone know if I can somehow force the generic VESA driver to run 
at 75Hz, or does anyone know where I can find the proper video driver (I 
do not see it listed in the list of available video drivers)?

Meanwhile, I'll take a look myself on Google as well, but I hope someone 
can give me some quick pointers...