[CentOS] more: Have install diskette for 3.0, but can't find the .img for 4.0

Tue Apr 19 03:30:26 UTC 2005
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

At 10:55 PM 4/18/2005, Collins Richey wrote:
>On 4/18/05, Leonard Isham <leonard.isham at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > My understanding is that the kernel and initrd are too big to fit on a
> > floppy anymore.
> >
>Yes, that's the cold hard truth.
>If you need to do maintenance to a system that has a usable kernel and
>initrd, perhaps you could create a grub boot floppy. The wave of the
>future is boot from CDROM.

A techie at a company I consult for, gave me a boot diskette that is a 
smart boot manager and can force a boot from the CD even though the CD is 
not bootable.

Worked like a charm.

I will get more info on this and post it here.  Perhaps it could be added 
to the FAQ....