[CentOS] Software RAID in CentOS (EL)

Tue Apr 19 05:51:11 UTC 2005
Francois Caen <frcaen at gmail.com>

On 4/18/05, Chuck Rock <carock at epctech.com> wrote:
> Isn't RAID supposed to be redundant disks, not redundant partitions? If that
> hda disk goes bad, the raid and redundancy is nowhere to be found along with
> your data. Right?

Software is more flexible than that. It works with partitions.

Of course, for redundancy purposes, you want to mirror partitions on
separate physical drives. But you don't have to mirror all the
partitions on all your drives.

For example, you don't raid swap partitions. Or you may want to have a
small /boot that's not raid. And then a big /home which is mirrored.