[CentOS] Have install diskette for 3.0, but can't find the .img for 4.0

Tue Apr 19 07:01:08 UTC 2005
Mark Jarvis <mark.jarvis at pvmail.maricopa.edu>

There isn't one (although there IS an image that can be written to a 
flash drive, which might help if your system can boot from a flash 
drive.) 2.6 kernels are too big!

Since I discovered Smart Boot Manager (sbm) I've entirely quit worrying 
about install or emergency boot diskettes. I don't have the URL handy, 
but you can google for it just about as fast as I could find it. Neat 


Robert Moskowitz wrote:

> OK.
> I am in an emergency crunch.  I need that 4.0 install diskette.  Like 2 
> hours ago!
> Where is it????????
> I don't want to have to install 3.0 on this box.
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