[CentOS] Looking for some good alternatives for W*nd*ws programs

Tue Apr 19 12:20:20 UTC 2005
Franki <franki at htmlfixit.com>

> - Ultraedit (!!! very important !!!) - vi is cool for terminal stuff, 
> but for programming etc. I prefer Ultraedit (column mode, multiple 
> windows, replace in files, regular expressions, etc.).

Try kedit, kate and gedit, by default they look quite plain, but they 
can be configured via the options to enable features.
Also Kdevelop is pretty good also and might be just what you need.

> - Jasc Paint Shop Pro, or Adobe Photoshop - often The Gimp is mentioned, 
> but is it really as powerful? I particularly like PSP (as I think it's 
> more intuitive than PS), but over here at work we also use PS a lot... I 
> fear this may be one of the very few remaining reasons to keep W*nd*ws 
> at all on the 2nd drive...:(

Gimp is as powerful as PSP, though probably not quite as easy to use but 
there are tons of online tutes which google will happily reveal.
Gimp is probably not as powerful as Photoshop, but by the same token it 
isn't that far behind either.
> - Flash MX (7.20). I fear there is no Linux variant of this one, but I'm 
> asking just in case...

This one I can't help you with. Macromedia (now Adobe) has said in the 
past that they are giving serious consideration to supporting Linux and 
Adobe has actually released some code as open source so it really could 

But all is not lost, you can write docs in openoffice.org Impress and 
save them to swf, but that isn't much of a professional package for 
flash production.

Google will probably give you more hints.