[CentOS] Wine and CentOS quick question

Tue Apr 19 13:38:15 UTC 2005
Franki <franki at htmlfixit.com>


The Sempron 3100+ for Socket 754 based on Athlon64 technology is 
included, too, but cannot and should not be compared, as it doesn't 
really belong in the value processor segment due to its speed - and price.

only the low end semprons are similiar to athlonXP's, from 3100+ and up, 
they are based on the Athlon64.

Having said that, you have a 2300+ so you would probably be fine with 
the athlon build.



Peter Farrow wrote:
> A sempron is basically an Athlon XP....
> So you should use the Athlon kernel...
> P.
> Olaf Greve wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In my quest for finding good means to run W*nd*ws programs like IE and 
>> Ultraedit I have just decided to give Wine a go.
>> Now, the machine I have has an AMD Sempron 2300 processor, and the 
>> CentOS version is version 4 (with all the patches and upgrades applied 
>> to it).
>> The question then becomes: which Wine version can I best use?
>> There are basically two lines that seem to best match CentOS 4, being 
>> the one that is RHEL 3 compatible, and, OTOH, the one for Red Hat 
>> Linux 9 (which perhaps has a closer matching kernel???).
>> Also, out of those two lines, which one can I best use: the Athlon 
>> version, or the i686 one?
>> To summarise:
>> My installation is: AMD Sempron 2300 + CentOS 4.