[CentOS] Apache, MySQL, and PHP

Wed Apr 20 12:33:15 UTC 2005
David Amiel <davtmp at bubble.dyndns.org>


We use Centos 3.4 on our servers and some of our clients ask for specific
versions of php & mysql. But the centos packages are quite old (Mysql 3.X
& php 4.3.2), for mysql it's not a real problem because rpm provided by
mysql website work fine, but for php it's another story. For instant we
are using FC3 src.rpm and rebuild them but it takes quite a long time
because php have lots of dependencies.

I know the aim of centos is to provide stable & well tested packages which
implies but are there some (reliable) repositories out there which have
updated packages ?

one solution could be upgrading to centos 4 but for instant I don't trust
kernel 2.6 in production environment.



On Mar 19 avril 2005 18:47, Jim Bartus a écrit :
> Dexter Stowers wrote:
>> Hi,
>>      I need to ask a question about the usuage of these particular
>> packages...do you install the binaries for each or do you use what
>> comes with the OS out of the box??? The reason why I am asking is
>> because I am having problems using the one that comes with the OS.
>> Everything else runs great but I am using CentOS for the first time
>> and I want to make sure that I am not spinning my wheels doing
>> something that I should leave alone. Thanks!
>> -- Dexter
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>> Clemson University
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> What kind of problems?  Rest assured the packaes that come with
> CentOS/RHEL are very well tested.
> -jim
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