[CentOS] Looking for some good alternatives for W*nd*ws programs

Wed Apr 20 14:55:05 UTC 2005
Dave Hornford <OSD at HOrnfordAssociates.com>

On Thu, 19 Apr 2018, Olaf Greve wrote:

> Jasc Paint Shop Pro, or Adobe Photoshop - often The Gimp is mentioned, 
> but is it really as powerful? I particularly like PSP (as I think it's 
> more intuitive than PS), but over here at work we also use PS a lot... 
> I fear this may be one of the very few remaining reasons to keep 
> W*nd*ws at all on the 2nd drive...:(

GIMP has the features & capability of Photoshop. However, if you think 
Photoshop's interface is not intuitive GIMP may create despair (I will 
admit that as a long, long-time Photoshop user I've succumbed to 
subliminal interface training and expect other graphics apps to look & 
work like Photoshop 'cause thats how they should')

regards Dave