[CentOS] Accessing shell in CentOS 4 install

Thu Apr 21 15:23:59 UTC 2005
Brendon Colby <bren at lh.net>

Lamar Owen wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 April 2005 15:30, Brendon Colby wrote:
>>I'm having trouble accessing a shell when I boot into the installation
>>of CentOS 4 (text mode). Alt-2 (which is where the shell should be
>>started?) shows nothing (nothing any other console). How do I access the
>>shell within the installation?
> ALT-F2.  That is, ALT-Function Key 2.  If you run the GUI install try 

I see what's happening. I'm trying to boot off the CD-ROM (CentOS 4), 
which apparently in these blade centers is a USB CD-ROM. The install 
fails to find it properly, before it fully loads, so I get no shell on 
VC2. CentOS 3.4 boots fine, however, and installs fine (well, installs 
really slow), but after reboot it's REALLY slow (been booting for about 
and hour and just got to "checking for new hardware.")

I'm just exploring all my options before having to set up an xCat 
system. I'm not sure why this isn't working, because, as far as I can 
see it's not that incredible or exotic of a setup!