[CentOS] NFS insanity

Mon Apr 25 09:58:03 UTC 2005
John Moylan <johnm at rte.ie>

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also try using nfsver=2 to the fstab or nfsver=3


Collins Richey wrote:
| On 4/24/05, Mark Weaver <mdw1982 at mdw1982.com> wrote:
|>Hi all,
|>I've got some insanity with mounting an NFS share that before reloading
|>my workstation afresh worked perfectly, but now refuses to mount.
|>Actually there are two servers with shares mounted.
|>(1) Mandrake 10.0 file server - two shares - mount perfectly
|>(2) Fedora Core 3 - one share - can't mount to save my life!
|>My workstation is CentOS 4. I reloaded it to get rid of the FC3
|>installation at the front of the main drive and recover some space on
|>the second drive moving CentOS to the main drive. Everything else works
|>wonderfully as advertised. The following is the only feedback I'm
|>getting when attempting to mount the share from the FC3 server. (the
|>shares on the file server mount perfectly)
|>Apr 24 09:43:41 mail rpc.mountd: authenticated mount request from
|> for /var/www (/var/www)
|>Mounting NFS filesystems:  mount: failed, reason
|>given by server: Permission denied
| What does your fstab entry for the share look like?
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