[CentOS] Re: Laptop issues

Wed Apr 27 15:02:27 UTC 2005
Nicola Losito <nicola.losito at gmail.com>

Mickael Maddison ha scritto:
> I tried text mode too, same issue.  The video is Radeon 9600.
> I have a suspicion that the hard drive is having issues, but at this
> point, we haven't even tried to access it yet...

Have you tried disabling the ACPI ?
at the boot prompt just type : linux acpi=off
or try some of the switch you can find on sites like http://www.tuxmobile.org 
when they talk about models with your chipset/CPU.

BTW I've successfully installed the latest CentOS on a 1st generation Centrino 
laptop with no issue at all ...


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