[CentOS] General question on QA from a Fedora Core fan

Fri Apr 29 02:07:03 UTC 2005
John Newbigin <jnewbigin at ict.swin.edu.au>

It is normally quite easy to mix packages from similar distros.  I would 
recommend using a CentOS install but adding packages from Fedora as 
required.  There will come a time when the Fedora packages have too many 
core dependencies but if you want to run latest and greatest you always 
have that problem.

Tracking updates can become a problem but again, if you were worried 
about staying stable and secure then you would not be using Fedora 
anyway. (Indeed I think CentOS-4 is still too new).

I guess it also depends how many machines you are looking after.  I 
detest having to make changes on one specific machine because we have 
lots of CentOS boxes and doing things individually is not feasible.


Hardy Beltran Monasterios wrote:

> El jue, 28-04-2005 a las 15:42 -0500, Steve Bergman escribió:
>>Apologies if this ends up a dup, but there seems to have been a problem 
>>with my original subscription.
>>[ snip ]
>>On the positive side, looking at the errata, it looks as though CentOS
>>has drastically fewer notices than Fedora, and I assume that is because
>>there really are more problems (security of otherwise) shaken out during
>>Obviously, not being forced to upgrade due to withdrawal of support with
>>regards to security patches every 1.5 years is a plus.
>>So I welcome comments.  If I switch my clients from Fedora to CentOS,
>>they don't have the latest and greatest  (and, for example,  I need
>>OpenOffice 2.0 ASAP for one of my clients due to it's Access-like
>>interface to PostgreSQL), but how much advantage am I really looking at
>>with regards to stability?
>>i.e. I know all the reasons that CentOS *should* be more rock solid 
>>stable.  But is there a noticeable difference in reality?
> It depedens what do you want to do, what do you need. There is no distro
> for all tasks.
> In my particular case I prefer to use CentOS in the side server for
> their stability and more importan for me, the long support that this
> Enterprise class distro offer (by RH promess).
> For my clients wich uses Linux in the side server my recomendations are
> the same. And by example I have a customer wich develops applications
> with PHP/Postgress/MySQL they can't afford the costly effort to upgrade
> his development/production/test servers and the worst case test his
> application with the new version of PHP and MySQL which we see in Fedora
> in almost each release. For them the "version stability" is a very
> critical issue.
> But I tink that CentOS is not very useful in the desktop side, where we
> need each time use recent version of the applications. I think in the
> desktop side is not much important "version estability/freeze".
> My self I use Debian for my desktop and CentOS for my servers. With
> Debian always can I get the newer "killer app" for Gnome.
>>Thanks For Any Input.
>>Steve Bergman

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