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Todd Cary todd at aristesoftware.com
Mon Aug 29 22:25:02 UTC 2005

Many thanks....

dan.trainor wrote:

>Todd Cary wrote:
>>I am trying to learn some of the in's and out's of yum, and thanks to
>>the help of many on this forum, things are beginning to make more sense
>>(though I still have a lot more to learn).  My initial Centos install
>>was the "minimum".  From there I used yum grouplist and yum installgroup.
>>However, one of the members helped me with using yum to install
>>php-mysql and I just found on this forum php-gd (which I installed).  It
>>appears one "just has to know about these packages" or have I missed
>>Once I have an install that I like, can I save off the list of packages
>>and use it the next time I do an install?
>>Also, when I do a "yum list", I do not see the php-mysql or the php-gd
>>listed.  Am I looking at the incorrect list?
>Todd -
>If you're really wanting to go a bit more hardcore, look into a
>Kickstart installation.  RedHat has plenty of information on their site
>about this procedure.
>I've taken it so far as to make my own custom install CD, which is about
>428M in size.  These CDs also include some proprietary software that our
>company makes.  Using this method, I can rest assured that the
>installation will happen in the same manner on any number of these
>machines, without a hitch.
>It's also interesting to take a look at root's ~/anaconda-ks.cfg file.
>This is almost exactly what a Kickstart configuration file looks like.
>Looking at this file will give you an idea of which packagse, groups,
>and other miscellaneous software is installed.
>Hope that helps
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