[CentOS] KDE as default, and looking up CentOS on the web.

Mon Aug 1 17:27:37 UTC 2005
Dave Gutteridge <dave at tokyocomedy.com>

    This should be simple, but I can't find it on the web:
    How do I make KDE my default environment? Every time I reboot it 
goes back to Gnome unless I specifically change the environment before 
logging in.

    And while I'm at it, why is it I never find any information about 
CentOS on the net? I look up "CentOS KDE default" or something like 
that, and I get more about things like Mandrake or Fedora or any other 
distro than I do about CentOS. I know that CentOS is supposed to be on 
the same level as Fedora Core 3 and Red Hat Enterprise 8 or 9... but 
still, why is it that no one even seems to mention CentOS? It's like 
this big but invisible community of users.