[CentOS] Re: Business software for Linux

Tue Aug 2 18:31:54 UTC 2005
Diana Calder <dcalder at essexcountylibrary.ca>

 William Warren wrote:
> I am hoping to find a inventory management program suitable for
> something like a bookstore or other 1-5 person smb.  The software would
> need to be able to accept inputs from wireless handheld scanning devices
> for entry into the system.  It must also work with their windows based
> PoS computer.  Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
> William

Well, Readerware http://www.readerware.com isn't free or open source,
but it's pretty reasonably priced, it comes in versions for multiple
OSes (Linux, Windows, Palm, Mac OS X), and it's a pretty darn nice
piece of software. Since it's specifically designed for library and
inventory use, it should suit your purposes pretty well, I would
think. I haven't tried it out in a multi-OS situation since I just use
it on a Windows PC at home for cataloguing my personal book, music,
and video collections, but I've been very satisfied with it under
those circumstances, and I know it's received a number of awards.

Best regards,
 Diana                            mailto:dcalder at essexcountylibrary.ca