[CentOS] Recommended hardware for a firewall/router?

Fri Aug 5 09:34:32 UTC 2005
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

Harald Finnås wrote:
> Not really a CentOS specific question, but I hope it's ok...
> I've decided to buy a server to use as a firewall/router instead of the 
> usual Cisco box, simply because I've come to love Firewall Builder and 
> would like to put all my subnets into one firewall. There will be four 
> gigabit interfaces in the box, one of which will be the internet 
> connection (so this one interface will use max. 10 mbit).
> Question is if any "normal" hardware will be able to handle this if most 
> of the interfaces gets saturated? What chipset / motherboard should I go 
> for?

Uber I/O?

Something like an Opteron-based motherboard that has plenty of 
HyperTransport interconnects which only seem to belong to Sun or HP 
boxes as Bryan has helpfully pointed a while ago. Tyan boards being the 
next closest thing.